Shopping Cart & Checkout

Shopping Cart

The e-commerce Shopping Cart is the equivalent of the physical basket or trolley in a physical shop, but it comes with a range of advanced features that goes well beyond just storing products in it before checking out.

Shopping Cart Template

The shopping cart page template is fully customisable and can be tailored to your specific needs. It can be a separate page or a sidebar embedded in other pages, or a popup or really anything. Multiple shopping cart templates can be configured, such as popup one that appears when adding product to cart and a full page one, when going tot he dedicated shopping cart page.

Add to Cart Modes

Support for multiple add-to-cart modes, controlling what happens if a product is added multiple times to the shopping cart. Individual add-to-cart actions can result in quantity increments or adding separate items to the cart. This together with product customisation capabilities allows for limitless possibilities.

Shipping Cost Calculation

When courier integration is enabled, shipping cost can be calculated in real-time as the cart page is rendered to the website visitor, showing shipping options and costs specific to the content of the shopping cart and delivery location, typically entered by the website visitor on the cart page, as appropriate for the country.

Vouchers/Coupons Support

When using the Vouchers module, website visitors in posession of a voucher code can enter it on the shopping cart page and see if it is applicable to their shopping cart and if it is, the discount given.

Multiple Shopping Carts Support

More advanced setups may require using multiple shopping carts. For example, a business selling subscriptions and physical products, may require that physical products are added to the regular shopping cart, while subscription-related products are kept separate in a separate shopping cart.

Abdandoned Cart Recovery

Email notifications can be configured and sent to visitors who abandoned items in their shopping cart. This features is available in cases where the visitor is known to the system, they must have either signed in or opened an account, so that their email address is available. Notifications are fully cusomisable both in terms of layout and content and in terms of when they are sent.

Wishlist Interaction

Fully customisable interaction between the shopping cart and the wishlists functionaliy on your website. Features such as copying or moving the entire cart content or individual product to a wishlist, adding a wishlist content or individual produdcts to the cart and more are possible.

Update, Delete & Clear

Typical functionality such as updating cart item quantity, deleting an item from the cart or clearing the shopping cart can be setup according to your needs and requirements.

Cart Emailing

Support for shopping cart emailing, using fully customisable email template. This enables your website visitors to easily share their shopping cart with family, friends and colleagues.


Your website checkout is a critical part of your website success. We take cusomisability of the checkout a step further, effectively removing any limits and constraints - anything you have seen on any other website out there, can be done in our platform too, plus a lot more.

Checkout Templates

We support unlimited number of checkout templates and no constraints on the structure or flow. This allows for any checkout strategy - checkout can be in a sidebar, can be on a single separate page, can be a wizard-style multi-step process.

Guest Checkout

Support for Guest Checkout (no sign-in / open an account required). For specialised websites where this is appropriate, this can deliver a very straightforward checkout experience for your customers. Also both sign-in / open an account and guest checkout options can be setup to give the website visitors a choice.

Fully Customisable Forms

The checkout forms can be adjusted to ask your website visitors only for the information that you need. If you need to collect additional information from your website visitor or need specific options (e.g. gift wrapping) on checkout, this can be easily done too.

Real-time Shipping Cost

Shipping cost and available shipping options can be recalculated as soon as the website visitor changes relevant shipping address details, such as the area code, city or country.

Profile Updates

Upon loading the checkout page for a signed-in website visitor the checkout page will be pre-filled with the available details from the customer account. If any of this details are updated on the checkout page, the website visitor will have the option to persist this changes to their profile, for later use.

Checkout Validation

Variety of options control what validations should be done on checkout, such as verifying if stock is available or if the stock indicator is permitted for checkout, verifying item prices against list prices, verifying if products are active/non-discontinued and more.

Wishlist & Compare Lists

Support for unlimitted Wishlists and Compare lists offers limitless possibilities for website visitors to store products of interest for later purchase or to compare products of the same type against each other.

Wishlist Templates

Fully customisable and unlimited wishlist page templates enable tailored experience for your website visitors. It is possible to setup functionality such as copying, moving and renaming wishlists, copying wishlist content to and from the shopping cart, clearing the wishlist and more.

Wishlist Emailing

Support for wishlist emailing, using fully customisable email template. This enables your website visitors to easily share their wishlists with family, friends and colleagues.

Compare Lists

Compare lists enable side-by-side product comparison. This feature can be used for any type of product, but it is typically used for products with technical data and specifications.