Real-Time Traffic Analytics

Real-Time Traffic Information

View your website traffic in real-time on the platform dashboard, see what your website visitors are doing, pages they are opening and more.

Key Metrics

Our daily / weekly traffic and sales summary gives you all the essential information compacted into few numbers. The metrics include total / returning visitors, direct / referred visitors, new accounts, abandoned cart items, sales orders count, revenue, enquiries count, page views and more.

Traffic Graph

Recent traffic is graphed on the dashboard showing how many visitors landed on your website each minute.

Traffic by Country

Breakdown of visitor traffic by country, number of visitors per country and each country's share from the total traffic.

Traffic By Referrer

Breakdown of visitor traffic by referrer, such as direct traffic, Google, Bing etc. with number of visitors per referrer and each referrer's share from the total traffic.

Active Sessions

All active sessions are show with thir start time, duration (so far), country of origin, number of pages accessed, indication if new or returning visitor and referrer details, if available.

Active Shopping Carts

Visitors adding items to their shopping cart will reflect under the visitor's session, showing a list of items currently in the visitor's shopping cart.

Session, Visitor & User Information

Comprehensive information about each visitor to your website is easily accessible through the admin portal Session History.

Visitor & Account Information

Visitor referrer and access history, for signed in visitors, full account information is available.

Session Search

Search for visitor sessions by date range, country or city of origin, duration, page view count, referrer domain and more.

Session Geo Location

Geo location information for the visitor is available in most cases with city or country granularity.

Session Data

Information about the referrer of the visitor, user agent (browser), preferred language, IP address and more is recorded with each session.

Page Views & Actions

Log of all page views done by the visitor as well as all actions taken, such as adding / removing items from cart or wishlist.