Getting Started with E-Commerce

What do I need to get started?

The answer is simple, you need to have a business or a business idea that makes sense. If you know what products and/or services you want to sell and to whom and you have an idea how to do it better than your competitors, likely you are in a good position to get started with e-commerce.

Given you have a business or a business idea, the next step is to work out your business model, how is the business going to work. If it is a retail business, things like, where is the stock coming from, will you manufacture it, source it from local suppliers, or import it? If it is a service business, is it an on demand service or a subscription based, where is the service rendered etc.

Once you have the above, you can get in touch with us, we will help you with the technical aspects of converting your existing offline business or a business idea into an enterprise-grade e-commerce business.

How much money do I need?

Cost will vastly depend on the type of business, business model, marketing strategy and more.

For the e-commerce platform, prices start from R 399.95/month + VAT, this is for a standard e-commerce setup without integrations or add-on features.
Typically you need to add at least a payment gateway integration on top of this, starting at R 49.95/month + VAT and most businesses will also benefit from a courier integration, which is typically R 99.95/month + VAT.
So for a typical setup including the core e-commerce functionality, payment gateway integration and a courier integration, you are looking at R 549.85/month + VAT.

Use our Package Builder to see the pricing for the different packages, integrations and add-on features.

If you have specific requirements for the setup or need to customise the standard setup in some way, the most cost effective option is to sign-up for an annual package, we will then do reasonable customisations to the standard setup at no additional cost to you, plus you get 10% discount for the annual payment.

What other considerations are there?

Marketing and advertising. If you intend to use the website to bring new customers to your business, you need a strategy for how to bring relevant visitors to your website. Like in a physical shop without any foot traffic, an online shop without any online traffic will not make any sales. By far the easiest way to bring traffic to your website is advertising, with most popular platforms being Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center feed for Google Shopping. This can be costlier but if done properly, for most types of businesses will convert well into sales.

Other methods of bringing traffic to your website are organic SEO, which normally takes very long time, months or even years, social media and offline advertising, results can vary dramatically depending on many factors.

How to get started?

Build Your Package and sign-up, Contact Us or Book an Online Consultation.

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