Sales Orders Management

Sales Orders

The platform offers comprehensive sales order management features, enabling end-to-end processing of orders from within the platform.

Order Updates

All order information can be updated from the admin portal if needed. This includes contact and billing details, shipping details, ordred items, quantities and pricing.

Create Orders Manually

Orders placed via email or phone can be created from the admin portal by a team members, either from scratch or from the customer's account.

Order Payment

Selected payment method and payment attempts are displayed under the order management view. Refunds and manual payments, such as cash, can be loaded too.

Order Shipping

Shipping quotes, shipping transaction, pick-up request, waybill / label generation and printing and track and trace can all be done under the order management view.


Manage internal processes using integrated order tasks. Task types can be configured to suit your business needs. Tasks are useful for managing work, which is cross-cutting between multiple statuses.

Messages & Templates

Using the integrated CRM, messages as well as internal comments can be exchanged between team members and the customer. Integratied communication channels are Email and SMS. Tempaltes enable efficient responses to common questions.


Invoice can be generated at any point in the transaction and emailed to the customer either manually or automatically. The invoice template is customisable and can be setup as per your needs and requirements.

Automated Actions

Automated actions enable the automation of repetative tasks, such as changing the order status, generating the order invoice, sending template-based emails to the customer and more.