Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) Capabilities

Our POS module extends the capabilities of our platform to accommodate walk-in or telephonic sales. It is seamlessly integrated with the product database and stock management.

Customisable Product Selection

The product search / scan / selection screen is fully customisable and can be setup to accommodate your specific needs, being it providing a barcode scanning friendly interface, search interface, quick selection interface or a combination of multiple product entry methods.

Multiple Locations / Checkout Counters

Support for multiple locations (shops) and multiple checkout counters per location. Our stock management is locaiton-aware as well, enabling stock tracking throughout multiple locations.

Compatible with Most Devices

Use any operating system and any device, as long as it can open a modern web browser. No software or driver installation required.

Cash Management

Cash drawer can be associated with each till, keeping track of the cash in the till. Support for cash float, cash reconcilation and cash removal.

Printing Receipts

We use network-enabled (with both LAN and WiFi) receipt printers, completely independent from any specific device. Receipts are fully customisable and can contain not only transaction information but also general information or advertisments.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcode scanner compatible with your POS terminal device to lookup products by scanning their barcodes. This makes the checkout process very efficient for product ranges with barcodes on them.

POS Functions

There is a range of useful features you can use from inside the POS environment.

Save & Restore Checkouts

When busy with a checkout but for some reason it needs to be halted temporarily, it can be saved, another checkout can be completed and then the first one can be resumed.

Checkout History

Recent checkouts can be accessed, details viewed and receipts re-printed. This is very useful in case of a receipt printing issue or a customer query.

Customer Accounts

Support for Customer Account lookup, either by phone, name or email address. Checkout can be associated with customer's account for the purpose of keeping track of customer's purchases, allocating loyalty points and more.

Vouchers / Coupons Support

Checkout through the POS can take voucher codes when the Vouchers / Coupons module is enabled in your package.

Loyalty Points Support

Checkout through the POS can reward and redeem loyalty points when the Loyalty Points module is enabled in your package.

Discounts Support

For small shops, where the checkout attendant is authorised to give on the spot discounts, such can be applied at the time of checkout, either as percent, amount or special price.